Language learning and teaching

Our courses are useful for teachers across all subjects and also help them develop proficiency in a foreign language (English, Italian, or other languages). They will also learn more about innovative teaching methodologies and strategies, such as Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), project-based learning or other. Improving English speaking and writing skills can facilitate classroom communications, as well as helping teachers work internationally.

Some of our courses are designed to help attendees practise and improve fluency with other teachers and professionals. These are practical discussion-based course aimed at targeting and improving your speaking skills.

Other courses focus more on revitalising teaching methods and helping attendees to take a fresh look at teaching in a foreign language, exchanging ideas with peers and experiencing a wide range of techniques.

Please, fill in the Erasmus+ support form to discuss your current Erasmus+ grant and training requirements or if you need support to apply for Erasmus+ funding. Our courses are in English, but we may offer them in other languages upon request.

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