Our values

Creativity and innovation

Teaching practices within classrooms and educational organisations are adapting to a complex and interconnected world that is facing rapid technological, social, cultural, economic, environmental and demographic change. Our team believes that understanding innovation in education is essential to motivate teachers and school staff and to improve the quality of the education and training sector for all. We critically select a combination of best practices and emerging teaching strategies gathered in the context of the international cooperation in the fields of education and training.

Teachersrise engages teachers and school staff with imaginative and thought-provoking project-based learning with the aim to inspire insight and to develop and share innovative teaching practices and methods.

21st century learning

We offer interactive and participatory learning environments (such as active learning, problem-based learning and experiential learning) in order to explore various aspects of professional development and teaching techniques and focus on powerful strategies to create engaging lessons. Teachersrise helps teachers to better implement newer and/or more learner-centred techniques, as well as helping them to make better use of traditional methods, such as lectures and lecture-discussion formats.

Teachersrise promotes reflective practice, encourages experimentation and responds to teachers’ needs, especially in the area of effective relationships, problem-solving skills, working together, presentation skills, new instructional technologies, critical thinking, cross-cultural communication and language teaching and learning.

Erasmus+ funding advice and support

Teachersrise provides guidance to school organisations before and after they receive their Erasmus+ grant and gives advice about managing the grant in order to organise the learning mobility and project. We support teachers, school staff and their institution with all the Erasmus+ documents. We feel solidarity and collective responsibility with teachers’ missions at school: we enjoy learning about it and we are all part of Erasmus+.

Teachersrise constantly embraces new international projects and continuously engages new partner schools and universities in our large network and community. This is a great way to make new contacts and connections that often grow into new projects and lifelong friendships.

Excellence at all levels in a friendly atmosphere.

We do what we say and we say what we do. Teachersrise plans and organises its customer service in order to deliver a high-quality and innovative learning experience; our care, structured approach, expertise and spirit of flexible cooperation facilitate the entire process. We stay on top of the game by being lifelong learners: we owe it to those around us to constantly be learning how to be better.

Teachersrise goes the extra mile to fulfil administration, logistics, accommodation and welfare needs and we adapt, change and innovate to deliver great results. Don’t forget – we love to celebrate our achievements!