About us

Teachersrise is the teacher training initiative by “Mobility and cooperation” and was informally developed as an independent teacher training initiative in 2020 during the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic to respond to the emerging needs of resilient schools facing several challenges compounded by an unprecedented global crisis. Its team is made up of a network of experienced teacher trainers.

Teachersrise specialises in the provision of professional development courses and language immersion training programmes for teachers in English and other languages. Teachersrise is dedicated to teachers and school staff who want to undertake professional development in a friendly atmosphere for learning and transformation.

Early in 2021, Teachersrise evolved and consolidated in the “Mobility and cooperation SRL” organisation, which took over its network and will develop it further. “Mobility and cooperation” operates at its headquarters in Padova (Italy) and opened its new location in Dublin (Ireland) in 2021, and new locations in Barcelona (Spain), Florence (Italy), Rome (Italy) and Saint Julian’s (Malta) in 2023. It will originate further activities in other cities in Europe.

Our plan is to be established as one of Europe’s leading Erasmus+ organisations by opening various locations in Europe and offering further services such as great Erasmus+ support services and cooperation projects.

Our memberships and network:
Mobility and cooperation SRL is member of Banca Etica because we believe in the ethical finance principles and in the underlying vision of the world. We are also members of the renewable energy cooperative ènostra because we believe we must contribute to reducing the environmental impact of electricity production and consumption. We contribute to offset the carbon emissions of our course participants by planting new trees through the technical services of our “Etifor” partner.

Our timeline


March-December 2020

Business planning and curriculum development


February 2021

Mobility and cooperation SRL was founded



Our first courses in Padova and Dublin.



Our new locations in Barcelona, Florence, Rome and St. Julians. Planning more locations!

Our values

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