Global citizenship education

Global Citizenship Education is part of one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals listed on the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It is a complex concept about the meaning of citizenship, globalization and the role of education and international institutions in a global society. Global Citizenship Education promotes responsible citizenship in terms of global issues and their interconnections and raises people’s awareness and critical understanding of our interdependent world. Our courses are for teachers who want to foster students’ independence and autonomy from the political, economic, social and economic orders in which they live.

Our courses include sustainability, environmental education, climate justice and science as well as intercultural learning, democracy, history of globalization and citizenship education. Some courses focus on media education and critical media literacy and provide self-directed tools that can be employed in everyday teaching about ‘fake news’, hate speech, online risks, participatory cultures and citizen journalism. Still other courses support and promote the teaching of controversial issues and help teachers to get on with their mission to embed social justice in schools.

Please, fill in the Erasmus+ support form to discuss your current Erasmus+ grant and training requirements or if you need support to apply for Erasmus+ funding. Our courses are in English, but we may offer them in other languages upon request.

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