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Teachersrise is the teacher training initiative by Mobility and cooperation and was informally developed as an independent teacher training initiative in 2020 during the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic to respond to the emerging needs of resilient schools facing several challenges compounded by an unprecedented global crisis. Its team is made up of a network of experienced teacher trainers.
Teachersrise specialises in the provision of professional development courses and language immersion training programmes for teachers in English and other languages.
Teachersrise is dedicated to teachers and school staff who want to undertake professional development in a friendly atmosphere for learning and transformation.

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Erasmus+ funding

We work in collaboration with Erasmus+ funded schools to organise creative and innovative training courses (Key Action 1) and partnerships (Key Action 2) funded by the European Union. Teachersrise brings together established and emerging teacher trainers with educational experts from a variety of professional fields and disciplines in order design and deliver the best experiential and interactive training courses.

We invite schools and colleagues to review our course details and to join our Erasmus+ support service to find out more about Erasmus+ opportunities and support!


Teachersrise offers courses in Padova (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), Dublin (Ireland), Florence (Italy), Rome (Italy), Saint Julian’s (Malta). Find out more

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