Our prices for 2021 and 2022 will be available as soon as the new 2021 Erasmus+ Programme guide will be published!

Our prices are designed to follow the Erasmus+ funding rules: your Erasmus+ grant will cover ALL necessary costs, including travel, accommodation and course/tuition fee.

Other costs

In addition to our invoice, your costs such as flights, trains, airport transfers, train/bus tickets, taxis, food, restaurants, etc can be covered by your Erasmus+ grant by agreement with your school/sending organisation: please, keep the receipts and claim the money from your school/sending organisation.
Please, find more about our estimates of your other costs for the services you will book or buy on your own.

Need help?

Please, fill in the Erasmus+ support form to discuss your current Erasmus+ grant and training requirements or if you need support to apply for Erasmus+ funding.