STEM and digital education

Digital innovations and technology are changing how students learn and expanding their future opportunities, which has a direct impact on what digital competences and new instructional technologies are needed to maximise teacher capacity in order to engage students and bring out the best in them. Global and local efforts to deploy new instructional technologies for distance education during the covid-19 pandemic and beyond are emerging and evolving quickly. Our courses are designed for both IT teachers and teachers of other subjects with any level of digital literacy.

Some courses focus on new instructional technologies to motivate and facilitate instruction and/or teaching ideas to develop digital communication projects, including digital business games and open innovation initiatives. Other courses promote STEM education for a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications, such as Industry 4.0 and enabling technologies. Still other courses teach teachers how to develop an educative robotics environment to introduce other (often foundational) topics such as coding, artificial intelligence, or engineering design.

Please, fill in the Erasmus+ support form to discuss your current Erasmus+ grant and training requirements or if you need support to apply for Erasmus+ funding. Our courses are in English, but we may offer them in other languages upon request.

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