Dublin, Ireland

Get to know this magical and musical city!

Dublin constantly re-invents itself and is globally connected, socially and economically progressive, deeply welcoming and steeped in rich heritage and culture. While booming with tech giants and being a UNESCO City of Literature, Dublin retains its village-like charms, with historic neighborhoods reminders of gentler, slower-moving times.

It’s also the city of Ireland’s top-ranked high-level educational institution, Trinity College, and is home to Ireland’s legendary brew, Guinness.

Just outside the city, along the coast and easily reachable, are some truly beautiful seaside towns and places to visit.

10 Reasons to visit Dublin

1. A vibrant city

There is always something happening! Every month there seems to be a completely new list of events, concerts, matches, exhibitions, shows and other things happening in Dublin, many of which you won’t find in any other city. Whether you are a city person relishing the bustling streets or you’re looking for some natural beauty, there are plenty of outings and activities that suit people with all kinds of interests.

2. A 21st century hub for tech giants

The extension of the business hub of Dublin’s International Financial Services Centre and now Brexit have helped fuel the growth of the Docklands, an area that lies to the north and south of the River Liffey. This area is fast becoming a must-see destination on any sightseeing trip of the capital.

3. A place to connect with the literature

Dublin is a UNESCO City of Literature and it’s home to three of Ireland’s four Nobel Prize winners for literature. Dublin’s literary legacy is written into the very fabric of the city, with bridges named after Samuel Beckett and Sean O’Casey, while literary giants Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde and James Joyce all cite Dublin as their inspiration.

4. Prestigious universities

Trinity College, one of the oldest English-speaking universities in the world, was founded here back in the 16th century.
University College Dublin prides itself on its track record of excellent research and innovation.
Two more recently established internationally-ranked universities are Technological University Dublin and Dublin City University. Today, medicine, data analytics, biotechnology, cloud computing and business and finance programmes are all strongly represented in the city.

5. A diverse global city

Dublin is an open city, which respects and embraces difference, is accessible, safe, and equal.
As of 2018, 21% of Dublin’s residents were non-nationals with the largest minority groups representing the UK, Poland, China, Philippines, and Lithuania. About 80% of residents are Catholic, but other religious groups represented include Muslims, Christian Orthodox, Protestant, Presbyterian, Evangelical, Hindu, and Sikh.
Dublin embraces its LGBTQIA population and it’s one of the world’s most LGBT-friendly cities.

6. Funding in an English-speaking country after Brexit

Dublin’s first language is English and you can get funding for your Erasmus+ mobilities! Enjoy the high-standards of Dublin’s well-developed English language teaching industry, meet local people and practise your English!

7. Taste Guinness in its home city

Because yes, it really does taste better. The Guinness Storehouse has recently expanded to also feature a new bar where you can try brewers’ experimental beers, ones that you can literally get nowhere else in the world.

8. Irish music!

Forget about Temple Bar and be enthralled by one of the many local pubs (it’s said that there are 365 pubs in Dublin, one for every day of the year!) where traditional live music is played.

A mix of lively Irish dancing, street buskers, festivals, and beer-fueled pub singalongs, Dublin’s music scene is a not-to-be-missed experience for music lovers, who will find plenty of variety!

9. Get back in touch with nature

Unspoiled countryside, beautiful hills and valleys, a glorious coastline – it’s all here.
Cliffs of Moher, Wicklow & Glendalough, Wild Connemara, Celtic Boyne Valley are great places to visit: such a spectacular scenery at on your doorstep!

And if high-adrenaline adventure is more your thing, everything from kite surfing and mountain biking to kayaking and rock climbing is close to hand.

10. Explore other cities in Ireland

Of course, because Ireland itself is a relatively small country, it’s also very easy to explore the rest of the island from Dublin. Ireland’s other cities like Galway and Cork are all within easy reach by bus or train.

Experience the bohemian city of Galway and enjoy Cork and its warrens of narrow streets and its galleries and restaurants!