We work in collaboration with Erasmus+ funded schools to organise creative and innovative training courses (Key Action 1) and partnership projects (Key Action 2) funded by the European Union. Teachersrise brings together established and emerging teacher trainers with educational experts from a variety of professional fields and disciplines in order design and deliver the best experiential and interactive training courses. We invite schools and colleagues to review our course details and to join our Erasmus+ support service to find out more about Erasmus+ opportunities and support!

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Can I get a grant?

Funding is available for schools and colleges that provide general, vocational, or technical education at any level, from pre-school to upper secondary education, or for a VET organisation or an adult education organisation.

Participants can be teachers and other school staff.

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The grant is approved. What’s next?

If you received your grant approval notice for teacher training courses, you should get in touch with Teachersrise in order to start making further arrangements for your course; please note that it is never too early to fill out the pre-registration form. We’ll reply immediately to confirm if your chosen course has space and if it has already reached the minimum number of participants.

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The following types of accommodation are available: comfort bed&breakfast, shared apartment, hotel, and other property types.

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Our prices for teacher training courses are designed to follow the Erasmus+ funding rules: your Erasmus+ grant will cover ALL necessary costs, including travel, accommodation and course/tuition fee.

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