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Discover the stories of teachers who have used our services to book Erasmus+ teacher training courses, activities, and accommodation. Hear firsthand about the positive impact our offerings have had on their journeys. Learn how we’ve supported them in learning new skills, exploring activities, and finding comfortable places to stay. Join us in celebrating their experiences with us!

Innovative teaching methodologies course: what an inspiring experience!

Innovative teaching methodologies” took place in Padova (Italy) in the periodo 28.01.2024-04.02.2024.
Nektarios found the course very organized and interesting, praising our trainer Elisa and our coordinator Vanessa for their excellent teaching and support. Liesl appreciated the great instruction and Elisa’s extensive coverage of applications. Brendan highlighted the excellent tutors and central venue. Paula enjoyed the engaging content, well-prepared classes by Elisa, and new ideas from Thomas’s outdoor activities. Olga had a deeply satisfying Erasmus trip with attentive and professional facilitation, gaining valuable skills. Clare found the course excellent, practical, well-organized, and highly recommends it.

Average feedback score: 5/5

The best accommodation: why choosing the Full Package

The “Full package” organised by Teachersrise includes carefully selected accommodation solutions! Alexandra and Thomas are two participants from Portugal to the course “An inclusive classroom: how to give equal access and resources to all students” which took place in Padova (Italy) in the period 07.04.2024-14.04.2024. Our coordinator Vanessa organised their accommodation according to their needs and preference, through our “Full package” solution. Alexandra praised the cleanliness of her room and the excellence of the breakfast served each morning. She appreciated the proximity to the course venue, making her stay convenient. Thomas, equally impressed, highlighted the friendliness of the staff and the convenience of having access to a kitchen. For both of them, it was an easy decision: they would recommend this place to colleagues from all over Europe without hesitation. What a terrace!

Average feedback score: 5/5

Wonderful CLIL and English language courses in Rome: the impact of carefully organized accommodation

The CLIL teacher training and English language skills for teachers – Level 1 courses took place in Rome in the period 10.03.2024-17.03.2024.
During the recent CLIL teacher training and English language skills courses, participants had a seamless and pleasant experience thanks to the carefully organised accommodation. Cláudia appreciated the hotel’s excellent condition. Ana Teresa praised the hotel’s cleanliness, tranquility, and connectivity. She was particularly impressed by the helpfulness and English proficiency of the staff, who provided detailed public transport information and assisted her promptly when she needed a new room key.

Olga praised the seamless experience and highlighted the friendliness and pleasant demeanor of the staff. Cândida appreciated the comfort and accessibility of the accommodation!

Participants of the English language skills course for teachers were equally satisfied. Marion commended the perfect organization and clarity of the programme, expressing her satisfaction with the chosen accommodation. Pauline appreciated that the accommodation provided a serene environment and loved enjoying breaks in the sun! Delphine appreciated the proximity of the accommodation to the training venue, its cleanliness, and its easy accessibility.

Overall, the well-organised accommodation significantly contributed to the success and positive experience of the courses. Once again, participants enjoyed the benefits of having their accommodation organised by us, and loved the advantages of our “Full package”, including the carefully selected accommodation solutions provided.

Average feedback score: 5/5

Exploring Dublin: enriching experiences in media literacy and cultural exploration

The “Basic package” organised by Teachersrise includes great activities that adds significant value to the overall learning and cultural immersion experience. The course “How to use critical-thinking to enable media literacy” took place in Dublin in the period 23.06.2024-30.06.2024.
Among the participants in the media literacy course, Kalliope highlighted the amazing day trip and the enjoyable afternoon in Howth. She praised the guided tour of Dublin for its depth of information. Dimitra described the full-day trip as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, while Ermioni particularly enjoyed exploring the Irish countryside and the town’s picturesque surroundings.

Overall, these activities not only complemented the participants’ educational experiences but also enriched their cultural understanding of Dublin, leaving a lasting impression of their time in Ireland.

Average feedback score: 5/5

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