Erasmus+ support

Erasmus+ support

At Teachersrise, we’re excited to introduce you to our FREE Erasmus+ support service, aimed at helping teachers, especially those with little or no Erasmus+ experience at all, to get Erasmus+ funding for Key Action 1 teacher training courses and also for Key Action 2 projects! Please, read the one-page presentation of our Erasmus+ support service.

To get started on this exciting journey, we invite you to watch our introductory video, ‘Understanding Erasmus+: Opportunities and Support’ (Duration: 45 minutes). This video is a valuable resource to better understand the opportunities and introduce you to our FREE support service.

This support service is dedicated to helping organisations interested in applying for Erasmus+ funding. If your organisation has Erasmus+ experience and already secured funding for teacher training courses, please pre-register here to access tailored support for funded teacher training courses. Additionally, if you’re an experienced organisation interested in pursuing Erasmus+ small-scale partnerships (KA210), you are welcome to join our support service for your organisation.

Join us in unlocking the potential of Erasmus+ for your organisation!

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