Erasmus+ support

Our FREE Erasmus+ support service aims at helping teachers, especially those with little or no Erasmus+ experience at all, to get Erasmus+ funding for Key Action 1 teacher training courses and also for Key Action 2 projects! Please, read the one-page presentation of our Erasmus+ support service.

To get started on this exciting journey, we invite you to watch our introductory video, ‘Understanding Erasmus+: Opportunities and Support’ (Duration: 45 minutes). This video is a valuable resource to better understand the opportunities and introduce you to our FREE support service.

Join us in unlocking the potential of Erasmus+ for your organisation!

Why is our Erasmus+ support for FREE?

Our Erasmus+ support service is FREE because we are committed to your success. If you win funding, we are excited for you to use it for our teacher training courses or our shared projects. We invest our time to help with your Erasmus+ applications for courses and partnership projects because we believe in our ability to succeed: your success is our success!

Do you already have Erasmus+ funds for teacher training courses?

If your organisation has already secured funding for teacher training courses and that funding is currently available, please pre-register here to access tailored support for funded teacher training courses.

Are you an experienced organisation?

If you’re an experienced organisation, you are welcome to join our support service and find out more about how it will help you and your organisation!