Riccardo Gulletta
Teacher trainer

Expert on project and programme management for Non-Governmental and Civil Society Organisations, along all these years hehas been responsible for the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of different kinds of projects, focused mainly on development aid, culture, education and international mobility. Large experience in networking, setting common initiatives and actions among several organisations and institutions from different European countries, contributing to their capacity building process.
His work as Non-Formal Education trainer/facilitator allowed him to develop specific competences and technical expertise. Very familiar with innovative training and facilitation methods, and his experience is recognised at international level, having been involved in a high number of training activities on behalf of international stakeholders such as the Council of Europe. Worked with several target groups (children, young people, adults), with diverse profiles (volunteers, educators, teachers, students, political leaders, people at risk of social exclusion), in different geographical areas (EU, Balkan countries, MEDA countries, African and South-American countries). His experience in training activities goes from volunteer projects in developing countries to advocacy/policy work with international institutions. I worked on topics such as human rights, active citizenship, youth participation, MDGs and SDGs, intercultural dialogue, social entrepreneurship.