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Are you new to Erasmus+ or to us? Please watch the introductory video "Understanding Erasmus+: opportunities and support" (Duration: 45 minutes). Please, read the one-page presentation of our Erasmus+ support service.

The purpose of the video is to introduce and guide you through the Erasmus+ opportunities and our FREE support service. It covers essential information about your involvement in the Erasmus+ programme, including key actions, how to participate, and the support we offer for various activities. This video is designed to assist teachers, school staff, and organisations in navigating the Erasmus+ programme and making the most of the support service we provide. If you are new to Erasmus+, we strongly recommend watching the video carefully. Additionally, the accompanying slides and introduction guide are valuable supplementary training materials, with the introduction guide conveniently summarizing all key points from the video for easy reference.

Watch the introductory video NOW: "Understanding Erasmus+: opportunities and support"

Slides: download

Introduction guide: download


Update: 12th November 2023

Get ready for the first round of the 2024 Erasmus+ call!

We are looking for partners interested to join our KA210 support service! Join us as one of the 20 partners ready to make a significant impact by contributing to at least two or three KA210 small-scale partnership applications each. Our innovative support service is FREE and offers role availability for both coordinators and partners. Ideal for organisations with little or no Erasmus+ experience at all!

The current invitation for KA210 partners remains open until 14th December 2023. Availability is limited so please join our support service NOW: a great chance to get your Erasmus+ KA210 applications ready in just a few steps!

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Are you interested in getting our FREE support? Your team should appoint one single delegate who should register to represent your organisation. We will use their email address for all the communications. Maintaining a single point of contact is crucial for consistency and effective communication channels.

If you are the single delegate of your team on behalf of your organisation, please register here to our support service.