Sarah Wood
Teacher trainer

As a historian of imperialism and postcolonial cultures, Sarah gained her Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded MA and Ph.D. in History from the University of Manchester (UK) and has lectured and researched in History, Sociology and Linguistic and Cultural Studies at the University of York (UK), the Autonomous University of Barcelona (ES) and the University of Connecticut (US) as well as the University of Manchester. She has published her academic research in a variety of journals and co-edited a book for Liverpool University Press as well as writing and speaking for various media outlets, including The Conversation and RFO Guyane, and at international conferences. Over a 16-year career she has taught English, French, History, Sociology and Cultural Studies in a variety of international and social contexts, supervised original research projects and co-ordinated study-abroad programmes. She is the holder of a teaching qualification for higher education, the CertTSLHE, earned at the University of York in 2016, and a member of Advance HE, the UK-based organization for teacher development in Higher Education. Now based in Padua as a full-time writing consultant as well as a translator and ELT trainer, she is particularly interested in critical, feminist and antiracist pedagogies and in fostering intercultural understanding and conviviality. Sarah is a native of Barnsley (UK) and speaks fluent French and Italian in addition to English (and Yorkshire!).