Yoga for teachers

Course description

Course overview and purpose:
The practice of yoga is mainly appreciated for its mental and physical health benefits. It is, in addition, a discipline open to people of all ages and abilities.

This course aims to help you familiarise yourself with yoga as a tool for handling stress and improving your physical, mental, and emotional health. The course will be adapted to any level: whether you are a beginner or experienced, this course will be enjoyable for you! It will focus on what yoga can do for you as a teacher. You can learn techniques (such as breathing and stretching exercises) that can be used in your daily life and in the classroom to engage, help focus, relax and energise yourself, your students or colleagues. The same techniques can benefit you directly to prevent burnout and build resilience to external situations. Join this course and you will have the authentic opportunity to discuss this practice openly and exchange ideas about what yoga can do for teachers!

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand what yoga is, its benefits, and how teachers can benefit from it
  • Learn new yoga poses and understand how to reproduce them at home
  • Develop healthy strategies and prevent the effects of stress
  • Acquire methods and activities to relax and focus, and learn how to share the same techniques with your students
  • Build resilience and learn how to prevent burnout

Admission information

  • Language : English
  • Language level prerequisites : B1 or above
  • Duration : One week
  • Audience :

    Teachers of any subject, educators, and school administrative staff. No prior experience in yoga is necessary

  • General prerequisites :

    No specific requirements

  • Maximum number of participants : 15
  • Minimum advance reservation : 12 weeks

Course information file

Please, download the full course information file, including examples of daily programme, assessment and validation of learning outcomes and more.

Available dates

Padova (Italy)

  • 22.09.2024 - 29.09.2024 - To be confirmed
  • 09.02.2025 - 16.02.2025 - To be confirmed
  • 01.06.2025 - 08.06.2025 - To be confirmed

Course dates are made available based on the availability of trainers but are “confirmed” only once the minimum number of participants is reached.

Course dates are usually listed Sunday to Sunday. The course usually takes place Monday to Friday and the full-day trip usually takes place on Saturday, so Sundays are arrival and departure days for those who book course, activities and accommodation. You can leave earlier if you book just the course.

If you are looking for dates either not listed above or “To be confirmed”, please pre-register to your favourite dates so we can track your interest, liaise with everybody to convey participants to the same dates and make them confirmed!

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