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Are you new to Erasmus+ or to us? If you are new to Erasmus+ or to us, we strongly recommend watching the introductory video to learn about our support services. Watch the video.

One delegate per organisation!
To ensure streamlined communication and effective coordination, we kindly request that each organisation designates only one delegate to register the organisation for our FREE Erasmus+ support service. This individual will serve as the primary point of contact for all communications and will be responsible for sharing information with the rest of the team, including access to webinar materials and links to online meetings. Maintaining a single point of contact is crucial for consistency and effective communication! Thank you for designating one single delegate for your organisation!

Are you ready to register? If you are the single delegate of your team on behalf of your organisation, please register your team to our support service NOW!

If you need support for this registration process, please contact us.

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