Education for Sustainable Development: tools for cooperative learning lesson design

Course description

Course overview and purpose:
Basics of climate change (causes and effects) and carbon footprint calculation, Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Cooperative Learning will be the focus of this course. Main national and international meetings and documents will be disclosed and summarized, stressing their value for school and educative interventions, with a focus on UNESCO and UNECE ESD strategy, emerging from the UNESCO decade for Sustainable Development and UN SGDs.
Mental maps and flowcharts of the complex and articulated “world” of Sustainability will be created together.
A special focus will be on connections among ESD and key competences for lifelong learning development in students and teachers.
The course will alternate moments of frontal presentation, with the use of slides, tests and questionnaires, individual and cooperative group works. It will be carried on to build together a thematic glossary on Sustainability and analyse how adapting some of the best practices presented to one’s reality, to shape Cooperative Lessons.

Learning outcomes:

  • Improve knowledge about Climate change Issues, tangible actions to reduce it and different approaches on Education for Sustainable Development
  • Build empowerment in teachers and classrooms in challenging situations
  • Improve inclusive and cooperative approach and knowledge to shape effective lessons and trainings
  • Achieve goals more effectively (in relation with the UN SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals)
  • Improved ability to report results on UN SDGs
  • implement new knowledge in classroom management and lessons settings immediately upon finishing the course

Admission information

  • Language : English
  • Language level prerequisites : B1 or above
  • Duration : One week
  • Audience :

    Teachers (pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs, intercultural education); teacher trainers; careers officers; educational counsellors; principals, managers of schools

  • General prerequisites :

    No specific requirements

  • Maximum number of participants : 25
  • Minimum advance reservation : 12 weeks

Available dates

Padova (Italy)

  • 20.03.2022 - 27.03.2022 - To be confirmed
  • 17.07.2022 - 24.07.2022 - To be confirmed
  • 23.10.2022 - 30.10.2022 - To be confirmed

Sessions will be confirmed only when the minimum number of participants is reached.

In case your school wishes to send more than 6 participants together to the same course, we may evaluate the possibility to offer an extra session only for you (and in this case, we would be pleased to evaluate your proposal for fixed dates).

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