Constructing Positive CLIL Atmosphere in Classrooms via Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking

Course description

Course overview and purpose:
This course aims to use CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) effectively in any subject area in teaching and learning processes. A teacher of either an academic subject or a foreign language will find himself/ herself creating engaging content-driven lessons in a foreign language. It provides learners with the opportunity to learn different subjects through the medium of a foreign language.
The course participants will gain the knowledge and implementation processes of CLIL method by reading, writing, listening and speaking which helps intra/ inter disciplinary learning. Additionally, they will also learn how to select appropriate and already prepared content for second language learners and become capable of creating new content. Participants will have the opportunity to experience how to adapt their activities according to students’ abilities and needs.
Teachers will become familiar with CLIL learn the basic principles of CLIL, plan CLIL lessons and exchange ideas regarding issues of classroom management, lesson planning and materials development.
Furthermore, the course will help teachers improve their communication skills in foreign languages.

Learning outcomes:

  • Teaching a subject through a foreign language
  • Materials from the real world of native speakers to enhance the learning of a foreign language
  • Key issues related to CLIL
  • Activities focused on specific learning objectives in language and content
  • Turning activities from a textbook into creative and engaging activities
  • Creating inclusive and engaging classroom environment
  • Building collaborative and communicative activities in any level
  • Develop cognitive and social skills
  • The ICT tools for creating a CLIL learning environment
  • Web 2.0 tools that can be used for CLIL classes
  • Assessment tools that can be used within the classroom

Admission information

  • Language : English
  • Language level prerequisites : A2 or above
  • Duration : One week
  • Audience :

    Anyone who wants to work in a CLIL-based educational context

  • General prerequisites :

    No specific requirements

  • Maximum number of participants : 15
  • Minimum advance reservation : 12 weeks

Available dates

Padova (Italy)

  • 13.03.2022 - 20.03.2022 - To be confirmed
  • 17.07.2022 - 24.07.2022 - To be confirmed
  • 16.10.2022 - 23.10.2022 - To be confirmed

Sessions will be confirmed only when the minimum number of participants is reached.

In case your school wishes to send more than 6 participants together to the same course, we may evaluate the possibility to offer an extra session only for you (and in this case, we would be pleased to evaluate your proposal for fixed dates).

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