Communicative Activities for Language Instruction

Course description

Course overview and purpose:
This hands-on course is for experienced or prospective language teachers who want to implement the communicative approach in their classes and create opportunities for their students to learn the language by using it to communicate in meaningful situations. This is also a great chance for teachers to practice their own English and boost confidence in their communication skills.
The course offers ready-to-use activities for teachers by experiencing them first-hand to develop their own English-speaking skills and reflect on their own learning experience in order to adapt the tools and activities for their students.
While the language of instruction is in English, teachers of other languages as well as primary school teachers will find this course useful for their teaching skills.

Learning outcomes:

  • Use self-evaluation tools to develop their own communication skills as well as their students’.
  • Apply the Experiential Learning Cycle to learn about and implement the communicative approach.
  • Identify ways to help their learners develop their communicative skills through practical and engaging activities.
  • Create communicative content and language integrated classes.
  • Identify the rule culture plays in language and discuss ways it could be integrate in language classes.

Admission information

  • Language : English
  • Language level prerequisites : B1 or above
  • Duration : One week
  • Audience :

    Experienced, young or aspiring language teachers (English or other languages); Primary school teachers; Teacher trainers

  • General prerequisites :

    No specific requirements

  • Maximum number of participants : 30
  • Minimum advance reservation : 12 weeks

Available dates

Padova (Italy)

  • 20.03.2022 - 27.03.2022 - To be confirmed
  • 24.07.2022 - 31.07.2022 - To be confirmed
  • 16.10.2022 - 23.10.2022 - To be confirmed

Sessions will be confirmed only when the minimum number of participants is reached.

In case your school wishes to send more than 6 participants together to the same course, we may evaluate the possibility to offer an extra session only for you (and in this case, we would be pleased to evaluate your proposal for fixed dates).

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