CLIL Matters

Course description

Course overview and purpose:
The course CLIL Matters is for teachers who have started or are considering working with CLIL. The course gives a minimum theoretical background and maximum practical ideas to meet the needs of English Language Learners of various ages and language skills.
The course offers individual, pair and group activities, as well as role-plays and discussions that promote reflection and learning. The classes are based around 10 CLIL parameters regarding content, communication and cognition, and include the following: types of language in CLIL, vocabulary strategies, scaffolding for supporting content and language, promoting student-student interaction, guiding input and supporting output, learner autonomy, and evaluation. We will also look at CLIL materials and their adaptation, as well as classroom management strategies.

Learning outcomes:

  • reflect on the theories behind CLIL and their significance for education
  • understand the applicability of the CLIL Wheel in CLIL lesson planning and as a checklist
  • use various strategies which make subjects and foreign language integration successful
  • participate in and reflect on examples of CLIL lessons
  • find and adapt appropriate materials for own CLIL lessons
  • use thinking routines with the students
  • use selected online tools for CLIL lessons
  • prepare and conduct own CLIL mini-lesson
  • liaise with other CLIL teachers

Admission information

  • Language : English
  • Language level prerequisites : A2 or above
  • Duration : One week
  • Audience :

    Teachers of any subject, educators, and school administrative staff

  • General prerequisites :

    It is desirable for participants to have had some practice in teaching/working with Primary or Secondary pupils, an interest in CLIL, and also experience as an educator, school administration or another education-related position

  • Maximum number of participants : 16
  • Minimum advance reservation : 12 weeks

Available dates

Padova (Italy)

  • 22.01.2023 - 29.01.2023 - To be confirmed
  • 19.03.2023 - 26.03.2023 - To be confirmed
  • 25.06.2023 - 02.07.2023 - To be confirmed
  • 15.10.2023 - 22.10.2023 - To be confirmed
  • 19.11.2023 - 26.11.2023 - To be confirmed

Barcelona (Spain)

  • 14.05.2023 - 21.05.2023 - To be confirmed
  • 22.10.2023 - 29.10.2023 - To be confirmed

Dublin (Ireland)

  • 23.04.2023 - 30.04.2023 - To be confirmed
  • 23.07.2023 - 30.07.2023 - Confirmed
  • 24.09.2023 - 01.10.2023 - To be confirmed
  • 05.11.2023 - 12.11.2023 - To be confirmed

Florence (Italy)

  • 12.03.2023 - 19.03.2023 - To be confirmed
  • 27.08.2023 - 03.09.2023 - To be confirmed

Rome (Italy)

  • 16.04.2023 - 23.04.2023 - To be confirmed
  • 09.07.2023 - 16.07.2023 - To be confirmed

Valletta (Malta)

  • 11.06.2023 - 18.06.2023 - To be confirmed
  • 24.09.2023 - 01.10.2023 - To be confirmed

Course dates are made available based on the availability of trainers but are “confirmed” only once the minimum number of participants is reached.

Course dates are listed Sunday to Sunday. The course usually takes place Monday to Friday and the full-day trip usually takes place on Saturday, so Sundays are arrival and departure days for those who book course, activities and accommodation. You can leave earlier if you book just the course.

If you are looking for dates either not listed above or “To be confirmed”, please pre-register to your favourite dates so we can track your interest, liaise with everybody to convey participants to the same dates and make them confirmed!

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